måndag 8 februari 2010


This is what I've spent most of my time on, the last month. Redoing the staircase. The main staircase will be finished in a similar way, but with mahogany instead, and with a bullnose step at the bottom.

Dining room

This is the dining room. I've already wallpapered it once, but since I decided to move the fireplace from the side wall to the back wall after the wallpapering, I'll have to redo the back and right hand wall, but with the same wallpaper...


This is the nursery to be. It's only wall papered so far.


This is the parlour. It lacking the central part of the fireplace, since I can't decide how to finish it.


This is the kitchen:

Status right now!

This is how the three main floors look right now:

New blog!

I've decided to create a new blog for my Weasley House dollshouse. A lot has happened the last month, so after a long slump, when I didn't mini at all, I thought it would be appropiate to create a new blog!

This happened today. I got a late birthday gift from my husband. Isn't it beautiful?